Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Galleries on Flickr

Do you use Flickr? Did you know you can curate your own galleries on there? No neither did I until I was featured in one myself!

It has been curated by fidgetrainbowtree who has a blog here which looks great! And you can see the whole gallery here with my junk mail gift tags in it! I think I am going to have fun creating my own galleries when I get a spare minute!


Christy said...

I love flickr! I have yet to try the gallery curating though. Thanks for the heads up.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the info Lynsey

Heather said...

I love, Love LOVE Flickr! It's so much fun and whenever I need to research something new it always comes through. But the best part is that they are real people, real people doing things and photographing them. An internet image search never has that feeling of realness.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the feature - I just find myself ADDICTED to curating galleries now. It's a wonderful way of collecting your favourite photos without them falling into a 'favourites' pile.
I'm going to be doing another feature on upcycled junk mail in my blog and I'll be discussing your tags there :) I love them :)

Anonymous said...

hey there - glad you didn't mind being featured in my gallery :)
I love curating galleries - a lot easier to track things I love rather than just fave them :)