Sunday, 15 April 2012

Bet you can't guess where we have been??

Yep, Disneyland Paris :) We took the campervan and slept in the car park (which we can do for free as we have an annual pass) The weather wasn't brilliant but it didn't get cold enough to turn the heater on in Taz although it did get fairly cold overnight! As a result of this holiday we are going to re-arrange the 'downstairs' of the van as sleeping on hard cushions that shift and move as you move isn't the best! Exciting though and it means I can get rid of the nasty cushion fabrics!

And it's amazing where you can find inspiration - I loved this wallpaper in the Toad Hall restaurant.

It's meant to serve quintessentially English food but Matt didn't rate the fish and chips (I had a kids meal which are the same all over the park) It's a restaurant we hadn't been in before and we won't be again!

I'm hopefully back to regular blogging this week :) With crafts and everything......

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Tip Top said...

Welcome back! And I agree - fab wallpaper!