Friday, 14 June 2013

Seed Happy

So after a couple of weeks evaluating the greenhouse disaster (which I don't seem to have blogged about but it is on Twitter, Instagram and probably Facebook!) we decided to ditch it as it didn't fit the space properly (despite measuring correctly twice and it being checked by Matt) We instead went for these cheap as chips growhouses instead which will do the job just as well and actually fit the space properly!

Not the prettiest things but our neighbours clambering rose has fallen onto the big one so I may leave it trailing over it :)

Inside - most of it is still there apart from the peas and tomatoes which were planted out today.

Another addition to the back garden is this hanging basket full of peas from B and M Bargains, £5.99. They also had lots of strawberry ones too. You can see the parts to the greenhouse of shame just underneath.

New in the front garden are these pumpkins which I'm hoping will grow up the trellis (the trellis is on the ground nearest to us and it goes diagonally up onto the fence) These were given as seeds to the girls by one of our lovely neighbours so fingers crossed they grow!

And these are three raspberry canes given to me by another lovely friend Ruth. I had to dig up the plant that was there to fit them in but to be honest it wasn't fabulous and raspberries are fabulous!

And here is my canine helper. He was actually yawning at this point but lots of people said it looks like he is laughing. Probably at the amount of stuff I still have to plant out! I went a bit seed happy :)

Happy gardening!


WendyCarole said...

We had a mini green house similar to yours before we had the allotment. It worked very well

You must be very pleased with how it is all coming along.

Tip Top said...

Hope the Rasberrys grow - if not, I've got lots more you can have!!