Thursday, 3 October 2013

52 books, 52 weeks - part nine

So I was a big slacker in September and only managed to read one proper book! Shocking I know :)

This is the book I read - I grabbed it in the supermarket in their 2 for whatever deals and I enjoyed it. However I think I have read too many thrillers/horror books for the horror within this one to be truly horrid. It's more hinted at that described too so that didn't help but well worth a read.

I did read about 300,000 words of fanfiction last month but this challenge is for books and while fanfiction is brilliant, it's not in book format so I'm not counting it!

Good news though as I've finished my first book for October and I'm onto the second chapter of my second. Hopefully I'll get back on track this month :)


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