Monday, 28 April 2014

My reading pile

So these are the books in my to read pile that stays at the side of my bed. I've told myself that I need to read these before I start any others. There are 28 books there so we will see how I go :) One is a kids book and two are graphic novels so they shouldn't take too long and there are some non fiction books that I will dip into now and then. There are 6 that are classic fiction so they'll take me longer and I've classed The Complete Sherlock Holmes and Poes Tales of Mystery and Imagination each as just one book when they are collections of stories. Part of me says I shouldn't buy any more books until these are all read but that isn't going to happen! If you want to keep up with my 2014 reads then check out my Pinterest board (yes I really am that sad!)
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WendyCarole said...

Never thought of recording mine on pinterest. But I did start a list this year recorded in one of my many notebooks. I have read few quite a few and they are mainly library books cos we are running out of space here. I usually have about 8 from the library at a time.