Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Tara's Christening

On Sunday of the bank holiday weekend we had Tara's Christening. I would like to say that weather wise it was gorgeous, but it wasn't!! It didn't rain but it was very cold and windy - as you will see in some of the photo's. We had planned to go outside into the garden to have drinks at Pat and Owens as we did with Anya's christening but it was just too cold, so we stayed inside at Church House! Here's a picture of Matt, Anya, Tara and I with the vicar in church.

I really must learn to push my glasses up when I am having my photo taken - half of the pictures have me with my glasses over my eyes! I'm just posting a couple of pictures although Matt took 140! It would be a very long post if I included them all!

Here's me, Matt, Gramps (Matts Grandad) and Tara.

Here's one of my favourite photos from the day. It is Auntie Nic, who is also Tara's Godmother, Uncle John and Tara. Check out the cheesy grins - and look at Nic's hair - you can tell it was windy!

And the last photo - for this post anyway! It shows that Tara wasn't getting all the attention. And doesn't Anya know how to pose!

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