Thursday, 2 August 2007

Tattooed Anya!

So I've been busy on the forum and generally checking out ways to promote my Etsy shop - ignoring my children really! So I turned around to find that Anya had been drawing on herself to get a tattoo like Mummy - wait til Matt reads that!!! But she couldn't draw a dragon so drew lots of squiggles instead! Anyway - she looks pleased with herself here. God knows how I'm going to get it off though as she used a CD Marker pen! Lots of scrubbing in the bath tonight I think!

And so she doesn't feel left out here is a picture of Tara pulling one of her best faces - the frown! She'll suddenly turn to you and pull that face - it's hilarious! And if you ask her if she is frowning then she will frown at you then giggle!

Kids eh? :)


JBJB said...

Can't believe she didn't get any on the sofa!

Have a nice bath Anya :o)

Swirlyarts said...

I'm gonna be up there with a scrubbing brush getting it off!

norththreads said...

These sweet legs look so familiar!!!LOL! I scrub skin way tooo much! Cute blog & thanks for popping by & visiting!!!