Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Sweet Goodness Swap

Well today has been exciting - not only because I will have done two blog posts in one day! The postman came just as I was getting lunch organised and he popped his cheery head over the gate with a parcel. 'Something else Matt has ordered' I thought - but no it was a parcel for me all the way from The Netherlands! My sweet goodness swap summer fun partner is Monique and it was her parcel that arrived for me!

Right this post is going to be picture heavy!

This was how my parcel arrived underneath the paper - got me wondering as to what it might be. My first thought was a washbag, then I thought maybe just some fabric but it turns out that it is a bag!! With lovely long handles! It'll be perfect for walking up to the post office with my parcels!

Some little goodies that came in the bag - Anya and Tara really liked the garden spiral - we've just got to figure out where it is going to go! The notebook is the perfect size for my handbag and the ice cube tray will get used a lot if this nice weather holds up here in the UK.

I love the pot holders and the fact that they came from a charity shop. The Mentos won't last long in this house and the soap sheets (bottom right) will come in very handy for our camping trip!

Being a true Yorkshire girl I was happy to have some tea sent to me and it came in such a pretty box too that Monique had painted and decoupaged herself!

All in all it has been a good day today!!


Clare said...

Wow!Those are alot of goodies, love the segment ice tray.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Love the Beautiful bag, actually I love everything that you`ve received...
There`s some very kind people out there.
Kisses Kisses