Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Must be feeling odd!

Yesterday (Monday) I bought a pack of 8 French Fancies from Asda at 2.38pm. As of now, 9.04pm on Tuesday there are still 2 left!! Anya has had 3, Tara has had 1 and I have had 2. That's a record for me - normally they don't last the day (if that!) I'm also not tempted to go and eat them or any of the delicious ice cream in the freezer, which again is not like me at all!

I have also done (drum roll please) a total of 60 sit ups today - 20 this morning and 40 this evening after putting Anya to bed. And this is a woman who doesn't like exercise. Actually I enjoy badminton and walking but I don't get chance to do it often enough to get my body to the stage where it feels yucky if I don't do anything - do you know what I mean? How long does it take to form a habit - is it a month? I might have to try doing some sort of exercise for month and see how I go. The trouble is that I can't do anything during the week with Matt being away unless I get a babysitter - hmmmm worth some pondering I think!

Anyway back to the subject of French Fancies - have a look at these!


KJ said...

Oh, drats -- after seeing the picture of the French Fancies and seeing the link to Etsy -- I was hoping I'd find someone selling the real (edible!) ones there. The non-edible one looks almost like the real thing, though. But, seriously -- where do these fancily delicious looking treats come from? I've never seen them before, but dang, they look lovely.

Also, I've heard anywhere from a month to six weeks on the habit forming thing.

MY problem is, I can work out daily for three weeks but blow it on the fourth -- when it's, you know, the particular five - seven days of the month when I go from being a nice, mild-mannered, fairly reasonable girl to KJ the Energyless Heinous Achy Breaky Bloatmonster. Then my idea of exercise is walking to the car to drive to the store to buy chocolate. Or Fancy Frenchies (um...French Fancies) this PMS if I can find out where a girl can get them!

Swirlyarts said...

I thought it was about a month to form a habit too - 7 days down though so that's not too bad!
French Fancies are made by a company called Mr Kipling - not sure where you are KJ but I think you can get them in British shops in the US. I think there's one in LA if that's any good?