Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Poisoned Apple Jewellery

I've been meaning to write about Seahorse for a while now - I 'know' her through the craft forum. She is a prolific poster (!) but offers lots of help and advice. Anyway this post isn't just about how great she is - it's also to introduce you to her fabulous work! Seahorse is a jewellery maker and my favourite things on her website are these bracelets.

They are inspired by great films and have a very vintage feel to them - luckily without the cost of vintage jewellery. I am very lucky to own a Moulin Rouge inspired bracelet of my very own and it always gets lots of comments when I wear it - the most frequent being 'Wow that's gorgeous, where did you get it?' I can now point people in the direction of the website!

Another thing on the website that I have never seen before are slide pendants. What a great idea - I love re-using things in my own work so these get a big thumbs up from me. I especially like the Glamour girl one.

She looks so sophisticated!

Check out the necklaces too - I love the Pirate Princess necklace but my favourite has to be the Lilith Black Shadow. It would look great with the Chicago bracelet!

I know for a fact that the website has been very busy so get over there quickly before the jewellery sells out!

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