Friday, 20 July 2007


Well I've not posted for a while as I have been away - well I'm actually still away but have a little time so thought I would update this! Matt, the girls and I came down to London at the weekend so that we could go to the Star Wars Celebration Europe convention. It was fun but stupidly busy so not really the best place to go with two young children, especially as Anya was scared of the actors dressed up as the characters! That was fun when this bunch of people came to say hello!!

On the Friday when we got here we went to the science museum and Anya got to see some rockets and she was especially excited about seeing this lunar lander.

We also went to see a show featuring Bob the Builder at the Science Museum - we got to help him rebuild a wall!

We came back home with the girls on Monday, deposited them with grandparents and then me and Matt came back down to London. As you may well imagine I have done lots of charity shopping and I managed to get some for my swap recipient! I'll post photo's of the things I bought when I get back home and have photo's of them!

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