Friday, 6 July 2007

Random stuff

Here's just a couple of pictures to tide you over until the big announcement tomorrow of who has won the prize!

Here is Anya's much loved teddy bear Bo. Big Bo to be precise as she has a baby one too who is called, suprisingly, Baby Bo! Anyway here he is having been punked up by having hair clips attached to him!
Here is a dish we had for tea the other night. It is a tomato sauce based dish that was very nice. I made the tomato sauce myself - and I have never made a sauce myself before except for a very dodgy cheese sauce once. It had beans, baby corn, onion and garlic. It also had some pork but it didn't taste great so next time I make it I will make it without the pork. It is topped off with sweet potato and carrot mash - yummy.

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