Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Lots of little things

I've been meaning to get onto the computer for a while now and write another blog post but it was a case of doing lots of orders and other stuff instead! I finished the mini quilt although it is just a mini picture at the moment as I haven't attached the backing or put the quilting in yet. Here it is!

I'm a bit disappointed with it to be honest - the face isn't right and I would have liked to show much more of her body and hands but I'm not a good enough artist! Anya likes it though so I think it will be going in her room - once it's finished anyway! I will keep making more but I think I'll stick to simpler designs from now on.

I also forgot the other day to show you the booty I got when I went charity shopping! I got fabric (of course) and books (double of course!) and some old maps etc to use for cards, envelopes or whatever takes my fancy!

Books and shoes - all the books are actually destined for other things. I got some art catologues that will become envelopes. And of course some shoes!!
I think this is my favourite lot because it has buttons in it - all those buttons were 20p! The doilees are going to be sewn onto something but not sure what yet - maybe a pretty dress?

And of course the fabric! The big sheet is going to be a skirt and chickens and I'm going to attempt to make the two pillowcases into skirts as well (if they will fit!) And to finish, here is a photo of Tara wearing the hat from this picture!

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