Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My super duper husband!

Is a wonderful superstar :) He's made me a fantastic new website and here is a screenshot of the front page!!

Can you see the little white chickens underneath the header banner? If you hover over them they cheep!!!!! Yep they really cheep :) And you get to see a lovely piccie of me on the profile page and some photo's of some of the products I make.

Oh and the best bit is that it is all on my new domain name swir.ly Matt loves the geekiness of that :D


Jennifer Rose said...

the site looks nice :) The chickens are not cheeping for me :/

Claire said...

Looking Good!!
The Chickens didnt cheep for me either although they did open their beaks, maybe they lost their voices!?

Tip Top said...

Heheheh!!! He is a treasure! Website looking very fabby indeed and I DO like the new address!!