Monday, 15 December 2008

The salt dough ornaments!

As you can see Anya was very excited about making salt dough ornaments for her teachers!

Here is the dough all mixed up - I added food colouring but next time I think I will add more green as it looks very similar to the yellow!

The girls were more excited about the pink though! Here is a shot of the girls in action - and yes they are still in their pajama's as we had a PJ day yesterday!

And here are some of the finished ornaments.

This is before they were baked and afterwards I mixed some pva glue with glitter and coated them in that to give them some shine and sparkle. The recipe I used is here but I would recommend baking them for longer - mine stayed in for nearly 3 hours. So if you are one of Anya's teachers or a special relative then you haven't seen these, right?


Andreanna said...

ohh they are so cute!

artlover said...

so sweet of them to make something for their teachers :-)

Tweed Delights said...

Too cute :D!

Tip Top said...

Hehehe!! What a good idea!! I think I'll be braver next year and let the boys have a go!

London Mummy said...

Very cute and PJ days are simply the best! Hope you are feeling better now, it's stressful to have people working in your home at the best of times but when you have been unwell it's rotten. Have a great Christmas break, hope you get a chance to relax 100%, sounds like you need it :)

Chelsea Ling said...

awww!!! I made these as a child with my mom :D