Monday, 4 October 2010

Meet Fred, Ginger and Mr Leaves and Berries

Wow - I must be on a roll as 3 chickens have been listed today :) One in each of my shops.

Meet Fred and Ginger - two buttontastic chickens who really like dancing :) They are in my Folksy and Artfire shops.

Can you guess what Mr Leaves and Berries favourite season is? Yep - Autumn! He is currently hanging out in my Etsy shop and he has just come to realise that Americans say Fall instead of Autumn. He has much to learn!

More buttontastic chickens will be coming soon hopefully!


june at noon said...

Ha, I often find myself writing "Autumn" when I blog because a lot of my bloggie friends are not from the U.S. and I try to save them the translation. :) Cute little chicks you got there!

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

Fred & Ginger are cool!

Tip Top said...

Take it you are feeling better?!!