Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mr Beige has a new home

Mr Beige was up and about early this morning as he was desperate to see who his new owner would be. He insisted on helping me with the random number generator and in counting the comments. He was very excited that 11 people wanted to give him a new home.

He carefully typed the numbers in and pressed generate and was excited to see that the winner was comment number 3 which is Aneksi Designs! Here is the comment from Beth.

Alice thinks that Mr Beige looks very nice and deserves to come and live with her and CuddleBunny, in a flat with lots of weetabix and flapjacks. She would like to call him CuddleNum. 

Mr Beige loves the name CuddleNum and likes that there is a child who might give him cuddles - the human children here don't pay him much attention! He also loves flapjack so watch out as your cupboards might be empty soon!

Beth, if you click on my profile you can send me an email with your address and I will get CuddleNum in the post soon :)


Lyn said...

Sorry I missed the previous posts about Mr Beige, so glad he has a new home and a new name!

AneksiDesigns said...

Ooh, yay! I have told Alice and CuddleBunny, and they are very excited. Especially as they have been all poorly this weekend. A new friend is just what they need to cheer them up. Thank you!