Friday, 10 December 2010

Flower notecard sets

Nothing goes to waste in this house including clothing catalogues that come through the door. They are turned into paper flowers and put onto full size cards. I have had some little notecards in sets of 5 for a while that I got at Sams and they seemed perfect to turn into mini flower notecards.

The flowers themselves are beautifully patterned so I use clear or white buttons in the centre just to add a little something extra.

As you know I also use pages from damaged books for my hand drawn gift tags and sometimes there are pieces left over that aren't large enough for another tag but are too big to be recycled. I turned lots of these scraps into word flowers and thought they would look nice on some cards, with coloured buttons in the middle this time.

These sets of notecards will be going up into my shops soon but will first be coming to an Arts Market tomorrow in Ilkley. If you like them and want them for yourself before I take them with me tomorrow then shout! They measure 9 and a half cm (3 and a half inches) square and cost £4 for the set of 5. If not then as I say they will be going up in my shops soon :)


Tip Top said...

Good luck tomorrow! Outdoor stall trick is to stand on some cardboard. Wish we'd known that last Sunday!

june at noon said...

They're cute! In the photo it actually looks like some of the buttons are smiling. :)

Tizzalicious said...

Very cute! I hope they will sell like hot cakes :)