Thursday, 9 December 2010

Special custom chickens

I always get a thrill when I am asked to make some custom chickens but these ones are extra special as they have been asked for by two special little girls :) Yep Anya and Tara want their own chickens! They spent a long time choosing the fabrics and they settled on some striped, shiny fabric.

It's like shiny ribbon that frays incredibly easily so these will be finished pretty quickly so that I'm not just left with a pile of threads! There are 4 chickens because the girls wanted one each for their teddies too :) Oh and these are going to be stuffed with fabric offcuts and not rice so that they can be cuddle in bed.

I've also been making business cards which isn't as exciting as chickens but makes me pleased when I see my scrap pile going down a bit - I've also not got many cards left!


strangelord said...

cluck cluck! Bless :-)

june at noon said...

How sweet! It almost looks like you've recycled old ties, from the stripes and the shininess. Very cute!

Carrie said...

what super cool kids - wow! They know quality chickens when they see them :)