Saturday, 4 February 2012

A crafty mishap

I'm making some baby quilts at the moment but I really don't like binding quilts so I'm using a different method - basically making a sandwich by sewing the fabrics together back to back to form a kind of pillowcase with a layer of wool blanket in the middle that is then turned the right way round.

So far so good - waiting to be turned the right way round.

Can you see the mistake? I put the wool batting in the middle the wrong way round and when I've come to turn it the right way round the batting is now the back piece! Ooooops! Kind of a big mistake but the blanket is quite nice. Should I use the blanket as the backing anyway or unpick it and re-sew? I can't decide!


Beadie Eyed Edie said...

If It works I would not torture myself with unpicking - I hate that task! Sometimes a mishap brings unexpected good results. How about two versions of your quilt, see what your buyers think. :) kirsty

Anna said...

My mother always says about crafting, if you like the way it looks in the end, then you've done it right!

Rebecca said...

Ahh, I hate unpicking! If you like it then keep it as it is I say! xx

june at noon said...

Ha, the binding is my favorite part! :)

If you like how it looks, call it a happy accident and move on, I say!