Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New chair and a messy room

I went shopping with my sister the other day in Lancaster and we went to an antiques place recommended by Rachelle at Ted and Agnes. It was HUGE and fabulous. I spotted some knitted swirl cushions on a chair and was attracted by their bright colours. However as I put them back I noticed the chair that they were on and the fact that it was only £10. Hmmmmmm thought I! And the label said it was comfy so I moved all the cushions off and tried it. Indeed it was comfy and the colour was nice too. So to cut a long story short - I bought it!

The lovely mossy green colour isn't captured here well (stupid winter sunshine!) but rest assured, it's nicer in real life. The doggy cushion is from the very talented Vintage Pleasure and it goes perfectly well with my new chair :) Matt seems to have claimed the chair as his but that could be because I'm busy making stock for shops and have taken over the whole of the sofa and as the next photo shows, much of the floor too!!

In my aim to keep it real I haven't even moved the messy blue bin from out of shot in the bottom right! Keeping it real people :)


casey said...

I love great second hand finds. What a great price on that chair!

You living room looks like mine, only mine is covered in felt scraps and I'm constantly taking sharp sewing scissors and needles out of the wee kids' hands. :)

Daisie said...

Luverly chair!! x

WendyCarole said...

nice chair