Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fun in Skipton

The girls had today off school as it was a teacher inset day so we decided to make the most of pretty much everyone else being back at school and head over to Skipton!

The castle :) The 'long drop' i.e. toilet suspended above the river was a big hit as always with the girls!

Girls with a canon!

And 3 more reasons to visit Skipton - the fab little newsagent that sells a huge range of craft magazines including ones from America! Thanks to Sarah aka Ditsy Bird for pointing the way!


Lyn said...

we love to go to Skipton! lovelt place to visit with a castle, shops and canal too.

Twiggy said...

Oooo we love Skipton !!
Twiggy x

ClaireP said...

rather jealous of your magazine hoarde! Borders used to be good for american craft mags :(

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Not been to Skipton in ages, but do like it :-) Has some great bookshops too, but will check out the newsagent next time I go. As ClaireP says, Borders used to be just the place to get mags nowhere else stocked.

Ditsy Bird Designs said...

my pleasure! I may have to bob in myself as that Stitch mag looks interesting. CPS didn't flick my switch as much this issue - I carried the last one around with me for days! Funny how that happens sometimes.
My father-in-law (ish...we're not married) does tours at the castle...funny man and very knowledgable so if you ever go again do ask if Barry is working.
Sarah x