Thursday, 10 May 2012

Real life alert!

Real life photographs coming up now - avert your eyes if you don't like mess.

The girls craft table - currently filled with plates and craft stuff.

The coffee table

The sofa - yes there is normally crap all over two seats with one space to sit!

Clothes drying (our tumble dryer is broken and it's constantly peeing down outside!)

Clothes pile at the bottom of the stairs.

The dining room - enough said!

Stock boxes from Saltaire :)

Ok so the reason for posting these photographs is that I often get comments about how I manage to do it all - you can see from these that I don't do it all! I can blog (both here and on Cuteable) and make pretty things but the housework tends to fall to the wayside. To be honest neither Matt or I mind but I would like to try and keep it a bit tidier purely so that I don't have to rush around like a mad thing when people are coming round! So my question is, How do you do it all?


Wendy said...

Haha! It's *such* a good question. I also have 2 blogs, paint plaques/clocks/canvases to order, I'm also now writing books & designing sewing patterns for publication. Also a hands-on Grandma & have elderly parents who need attention (getting quite dependent). My only secret to a tidy house is my OH, because he does the lot (cleaning, tidying, washing, ironing, washing up - I cook, garden and make a mess). If it weren't for him, I would have drowned in my own creative mess a long time ago. Yes, I know how lucky I am. Sorry if I sound smug or gloating - I brought up 4 kids on my own and have no tips at all from that era on keeping tidy!

liz plummer said...

So comforting that your house is just like ours:)

dropstitch said...

hanks for sharing. I'm showing this to Graham tonight to prove it's not just me! Our tumble dryer is broken too so every room has clothes horses full of tiny baby clothes by the radiator. But you have nicer carpets and less cat hair than us :)

Anonymous said...

do it in little bites. I used to follow the flylady system. the idea is not to try and do it all in one day or one hit, but in little chunks. good luck.... im still working on my messes but much better to manage

Dolly Cool Clare said...

It is SOOOOO hard to keep a creative household tidy. We try, and fail constantly! ;)

willywagtail said...

I'm with anonymous. When I manage to keep things going, it's because I do those things constantly. If I move from one room to the other I take something and get it closer to it's destination. If I see a mark on the wall and am near water I clean it, etc. Wiping showers down every day at the end of MY shower/bath means I don't have to do a regular chemical clean etc. Do it as soon as you see it will help to keep the worst under control. But I'm not showing you my house either!! nrn Ann yd. x.oy Jd.ppc.

Ditsy Bird Designs said...

The one space on the sofa was a regular in our house - it was like I had my own rat's nest set up there and only I could get into the space & back out without dislodging everything.
Due to one thing and another, we now do have a tidy house most of the time but only because I've cut back on the making.
It's odd but when I'm in my creative mind set, I don't even see the piles I pass on the stairs or all the paperwork on the kitchen work top. Now, they are obvious and I do the picking up and tidying as I go thing...but can't do it at all when I'm making. It's like domestic blindnes sets in ;)
I will say though, that I feel much calmer & organised with things as they are - I hadn't realised that the pile in the living room, the stuff on the stairs, and the way my craft room 'leaked' onto the landing actually made me wound up - as in my shoulders actually tensed and raised.
I do know that if I start making again it'll all go to pot immediately ;)

WendyCarole said...

I don't very often! Just have a mad tidy up when I can't stand it any more.

Hopefully from next week I shall be more organised.

moleymakes said...

LOL, my place has that lived in look too. It's so refreshing to see a real home for a change.

I do try and tidy up a bit at a time and on the whole it does keep the mess down a bit. Flylady does give you some good advise and motivation to get your home looking clean n tidy.

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

I had wondered if you were perfect sometimes ;-) As for the mess, I have seen worse - not saying where though ;-)

Twiggy said...

My house always looks like that, my spare room is shameful and my poor Mum has to sleep in it next week!! I only tidy up when visitors are coming - life is too short :)
twiggy x

Catherine said...

Check out my pin for the day - it somes up my do it all methodology - when it really needs to be done it get's done - we figure it out.

Mad about Craft said...

My house is just like yours. We've just spend 3 weeks living with the contents of our loft all over the rest of our house so we could have loft insulation installed. The loft is now tidy and organised and we've managed to get rid of 2 thirds of what was up there - 1 third to the tip and 1 third is still waiting to go to the Scout jumble sale on Saturday.

The house hasn't seen a hoover or duster in more weeks than I care to mention and if my kitchen floor was the kitchen floor in my nursing house, the kitchen would be shut down as a health hazard!

VintageVicki said...

I just take clever photos & shove mess to one side ;)

Actually I am trying to get into better habits and spend one day each week doing the housework - that leave 6 others for working & the nicer things ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so heartened to see your 'real life' house, 'cos that's just what mine looks like. I say, think about it, what would you rather be remembered for, the lovely things you create, or your tidy house.

P.S. Personally I always feel more comfortable in a cosy, if not entirely tidy house.

Charis said...

Hooray for being rubbish at housework! I'm always so proud if I actually get any done!