Friday, 11 January 2013

Random bits and bobs

1. I'm still unwell but now I know what it is - pleurisy :) Lovely! Antibiotics should shift it although the pain might still be there for a good few weeks yet (ouch!)

2. It's my 6th year anniversary of being on Etsy! Whoot!

3. Despite being ill I managed to do some work yesterday - sorting through my stock boxes and Flickr photographs to check if things were still available for sale. I have things on 23 pages and there are more than one thing to list per page so expect some shop updates soon! One thing dated back until 2010 - ahem. Who says I make things and photograph them and then forget to list them.....

4. I'm getting well under way reading the books I wasn't allowed to read last year. Basically we have so many books, that in 2012 I was only allowed to read books I hadn't read before. That meant I couldn't have my annual read of the Harry Potter books or His Dark Materials. Since the start of the year though I have re-read His Dark Materials and I am 30 pages into another firm favourite, Nineteen Eighty-Four (read whilst waiting at the doctors this morning!)

5. I did have another thing to add to the bottom of this post but I stopped writing this post halfway through when I realised it was time to go and cook frittata for tea and I've completely forgotten what it was. Imagine it was good though eh?


Riverfinch Hall said...

Hi there,
I read and enjoy your blog, so i just wanted to wish you a very speedy recovery ! pleurisy (can't spell) sounds awful.
Have a great weekend and keep up the good work.
sam x

Tip Top said...

Get well soon!!