Monday, 21 January 2013

Whoot - snow day :)

I'm not a huge fan of the snow but school is cancelled today so the girls and I are off out in it to play! Well, I will be assisting them by helping with the sledges but won't be partaking* myself :)

This is the view from our front window. Behind the big bush in the middle is our regular sledging spot in the park - not too far to come home for hot chocolate when we are tired and cold!

I do have work to do later and a trip to the post office is needed but this is why I love where I live as everything is within walking distance :) I will be calling into the bakery to get some bread and if needed then Spar is also up there. I can walk for 10 minutes in the other direction and be at another Post Office, a butcher, another bakery (not as good as the one nearer!) and a greengrocers.

If you have a snow day then enjoy!

*Not 'cos I'm a wuss (I love sledging!) but because I'm still in pain from the pleurisy :( Seems to be easing a bit now which is good so I might be able to avoid another trip to the doctors!


WendyCarole said...

Hope you all enjoy the weather. Good to have shops so close.

Twiggy said...

We had a snow day today too and it's my birthday - double hooray !! Hope you had fun
Twiggy x