Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Bit and bobs!

Now when I opened this window to write a post I had a wonderful idea for what I was going to write - now I've completely forgotten!! That's what waking up at 6.15am does for you - not voluntarily I hasten to add!

Well I'll have to see if I remember and if not then I will add the other little bits I'd thought of. Here's a prototype chicken Christmas decoration I have made. I'm not sure if I will use the same fabric but the size is about right for what I want. And they are quite easy to make too although a little fiddly!

I'm also thinking of joining in with crafting 365. This is where (can you guess!) you craft everyday and take a photo of what you have made that day and then you can upload your photo's to the flickr group and if you have one, post details on your blog. I was inspired by Bugs and Fishes and I think Bombus has started to do it too! So I would be in good company! I'm not going to start yet though as I need to crack on with some stuff that isn't very interesting and I'm away for a couple of days so no photographs! I think it would be good though as I would have the motivation to do something everyday as I can't be posting shabby photos can I?

Oh I was also featured in another Etsy treasury the other day - this one was for recycled gifts and I was in good company!

My egg box sewing kit was included and is second row down in the middle. The photo underneath is of a birdhouse made from children's old shoes - how fab is that!! If you want to see who made them then a few are in my favourites over on my etsy shop. And of course my treasury can be seen over in my Etsy Treasury Screenshots on Flickr!

Well I can't remember what I was originally going to blog about so there may well be another post later today although I do need to make part of my mum's birthday pressie!


Tip Top said...

Well done on featuring in the treasury!
Saving 'nice' egg boxes for you which we get (with eggs in of course) from a local farm!!

Laura B said...

just found you on geolocator on etsy. i am fellow card maker turned crafter and love your work and blog, can I add you to my list of fav. blogs?