Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Corners of my house

I've been meaning to show off my downstairs loo for a while now and I got round to taking some photo's the other day. When we moved in it was quite a dark area and very boring - most loo's are! So we decided to brighten it up by following the lead of my friend Jennie who has postcards in her loo - we decided to ask people to send the tackiest postcard they could find though so it's turned into a kitsch downstairs loo!

Also resident in our downstairs loo is this lovely lady! She guards our toilet roll! I spotted her at a car boot sale and just had to have her - Matt doesn't like her but I do. I'll have to try and find one for the bathroom soon!!

Here's a close up of some of the photo's. My sister brought the one of King Kong back from her trip round the US. The donkey's kissing came back from Cyprus with us a few years ago. And I'll bet you can guess where the surfing kangaroo is from! Again my sister brought it back from her travels.

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Tip Top said...

I have pictures of the house being built in my downstairs loo!