Wednesday, 3 October 2007

New group on Flickr

I've started up a new group on Flickr where you can post pictures of any Etsy treasuries that you have curated or featured in. I know there are groups on there for when your treasury gets onto the front page but seeing as I haven't been there yet (sniff!) but have featured in 'normal' treasuries then a group on Flickr seemed like a good idea. Of course feel free to put your front page treasuries in there too! Here's the link for it and here's a pretty picture too!

I wasn't going to mention it yet - too busy getting ready for the craft fair - but it was metioned on the Craftzine blog so I thought I would write this up too!

I was featured on the Dawanda front page the other day too - I was very pleased with that! I'm not quite sure how they work it all out over there but needless to say I was thrilled. Naturally I took a screenshot of that too! My Cheeky Chicken is on the top left!

I also have a big thank you to say to my friend Alex - she has been a super dooper helper today and has made 60 gift tags for me ready for the craft fair!! She came over with two of her children so Anya and Francesca played upstairs while Tara slept and Nathaniel lay on the floor quite happily watching us making! He'd better get used to it! So thanks Alex :)

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