Thursday, 13 December 2007

Cute pie!!

Tara is growing up so fast! She has already had a mini conversation with me the other night!

The conversation went like this (just after she had finished her bottle)

Tara - 'More'
Me - 'It's all gone sweetheart'
Tara - 'Where?'
Me - 'Into your tummy'
Tara - (looks at tummy) 'oh'

Anya thought it was fascinating and was very excited that Tara was talking! Since then she has put two words together and said 'Where Bo' which means 'Where is Boris' - her teddy bear and 'My drink' pointing to her drink. Ok she doesn't pronounce the words correctly (she's not yet 18 months) but I think the idea is there. I think she gets this chattiness from her sister and not mummy :)

She also has enough hair to put up into a ponytail although it does look a bit daft! She looks better with pigtails.

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Tip Top said...

Awww - how sweet! Jacob's (aged 2 and a quarter) favourite is "Dam (Sam) did it". And the other day "Grandad split it" (his medicine as I wondered why there was not a lot left)... Oh, they are fab!!