Friday, 14 December 2007

New items

Here are a couple of new items I have been making over at Swirly HQ - chicken items obviously! The first was inspired by this item that I made many months ago - I was searching through my Flickr Photos and it jumped out at me. Notice that the wedding stationery hasn't been made yet that the photo was a prototype for!

These are little price tags I have made that will be useful for when I send my things off to galleries and may be useful at craft fairs.

The second kind of leads on from this and is an individual gift tag - it is WIP (work in progress) so the item you see isn't the finished product. I was playing around yesterday!

I can see this developing into a product for next Christmas - did I actually say that!!! We haven't even had this years yet :)

I've also had time to do some sorting out of my stash and I've made up some paper and ephemera packs. There are two listed on Etsy at the moment with two more coming soon. Hopefully I will have chance to sort through some of my wallpaper selections too! Here's a sneaky peek of the two paper packs already on there.

You do actually get more than shown here but it was a bit windy this morning and I didn't want to risk the paper blowing all over the garden! I lost a couple of postage stamps and nearly some fingers because it was so cold out there and it's tricky to take photos in gloves!

I nearly forgot to say too - if you buy one of the paper packs on Etsy and mention this blog you will get an extra treat in the post!


Chicken Hater said...

Will I get told off if I copy your chicken drawings? The thing is they are so simple anyone could do them! Why someone would buy something like that I'll never know!

Swirlyarts said...

Well I must admit that you are in the minority - many people do buy my things and are very pleased with them. They are indeed simple and that is probably the beauty of them. I like how you hide behind the name of chicken hater - can I see some of your work to comment on whether anyone would buy them?