Thursday, 10 September 2009

Busy day

I was going to blog about some goodies that came through the post for me today but I haven't taken photographs of them. Instead I am going to blog about our busy day.

Firstly Matt put a new door on our bathroom - the bathroom has been finished since December but we have only just put the door on. Good job we aren't shy in this family!

He made a bit of a mess :)

The Dyson man came and mended my washing machine :) I'm hoping the weather stays nice so that I can get all the washing I have been saving all week dry!

We also got rid of a wasps nest that our neighbour spotted in our wall and we had the electricity fixed after one of the trip switches went and we had no sockets in one part of the house. Unfortunately it was the part of the house with the internet connection so we didn't have internet for a while - luckily Matt rigged up an extension lead from the kitchen through the house so we got it again! We also have people coming to quote for the guttering (which is causing the damp problem in the front room) and already have a quote for the actual wall so we might get organised soonish - well maybe!

Apologies for the fairly boring post but I'll be back tomorrow with photo's of the goodies I got today :)