Monday, 7 September 2009

Food and photographs

Matt has been making lots of food recently and these fajitas are what we had for tea tonight.

He also made normal bread yesterday and this delicious tomato and pepperoni share and tear bread for later in the week. The dough rose so much though that Anya is having some in her packed lunch tomorrow and we are having it tomorrow night too with chilli (which Matt has already cooked) as we had to make 2 loaves.

And the photographs. I gave Anya my camera after taking photos of the food and these are the photos she took. I've included the blurry ones too - well the camera is very heavy for a little girl :)

The man who makes the food!

The gorgeous little sis


And a photograph I took of the photographer and me.


tedandagnes said...

they look yum wish I had a hubby that cooked, he's just good at buying take aways when its his turn to cook!!

Daisie said...

Love the last pic Lyns, she is sooo like you tis scary!

mamutopia said...

The last picture is really cute!!

Tweed Delights said...

Ooooh, these food pics are making me hungry! I should try and get my hubby back into the kitchen! Last pic is gorgeous :)

Jennifer Rose said...

going to have to make fajitas now lol those looks really good :)