Saturday, 5 September 2009

Some new things!

I've been listing things as I have been making them rather than letting them sit in my Flickr account for ages which is what I normally do! Hence the larger number of listings in my shops and posts on here. :)

Some envelopes made from a damaged cross stitch book. I saved the pages that could be saved and turned them into envelopes.

A Habitat catalogue came through the post and rather than throw it straight into the recycling bin I made some envelopes.

And these are the first Christmas things I have made - some great recycled envelopes from cross stitch and knitting patterns!

Don't forget that my tag sale is still on until Monday!


twiggypeasticks said...

Brill cross stitch envelopes, the Chritmas themes are so cute
twiggy x

Nic said...

They are ace. Do you still have to buy damaged books at the charity shop or do they just give them away? I'm nosy and fancy getting my kids to do Christmasy things ;)