Friday, 5 November 2010

Half term happenings!

We rode in a shiny light green car

And a shiny blue one too!

We saw a strange dog

And some odd pumpkin people who covered everything in orange paint

Don't worry though as we found some cuter pumpkins.

I was eaten by a dinosaur

But luckily he spat me out so we could have a girly picture

The girls found a very large Buzz Lightyear (and he was talking this time!)

and we helped slinky dog chase his tail.

And I have no idea why the girls are laughing in this photograph because no-one was stood behind Daddy pulling funny faces and making bunny ears - honestly! *walks off whistling*


wellydog said...

Now my children are all grown up I miss doing stuff like this, looked great fun x

CurlyPops said...

It must be amazing to live in Europe and just be able to skip off to another country not far away.
We're soooooo far away from anywhere down here (except New Zealand and Antarctica)!

Tip Top said...