Friday, 19 November 2010

Spotty Dotty Girls!

We got a letter from school last night asking that we send the children in today in spotty clothes for Children In Need. Luckily, we have plenty of spotty clothes so it wasn't a problem for us.

You probably can't see but Anya's Hello Kitty top has spots on and Tara is wearing red and white spotty leggings. They both have spotty ribbons in their hair too!


hello gorgeous said...

aww, how CUTE do they look in their spotty-ness! ;o)

love it!


hello gorgeous xxx

Vintage from the Village said...

Ours must be the only school not doing anything - we have wear blue today for anti bullying week. Miss V did sneakily wear a Pudsey badge though !
Sue x

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Spots AND Hello Kitty - what a winning combinbation! Do they make these in bigger sizes....age 32? ;)

Twiggy said...

Twiglet's school is doing the same thing. Let me tell you it is IMPOSSIBLE to find spotty clothes for little boys. In the end we had to make do with wristbands - grrr
PS They look very cute

BeadyPool said...

We had the same note home too - Thursday afternoon. I spent my lunchtime painting spots onto a t-shirt and then sewing foam spots onto a pair of jeans. Boys don't seem to own spotty clothes :(

Vixanne said...

We had a very similar letter from our daughter's school. I thought, yeah, no problem, until I realised she only has one spotty t-shirt. I ended up sitting in bed sewing felt spots onto a dress!