Monday, 8 November 2010

Travelling Teddy Bear

I received a very exciting package from Japan a few weeks back and it contained a teddy bear who originally came from the USA. He is a special teddy bear who is travelling the world so we took him on holiday with us to Disneyland in Paris.

Here we are arriving at Disneyland - teddy was very excited! The queues were huge early in the morning and that was only to get into the car park!

His favourite place was Frontierland which had been turned into Halloweenland for erm, Halloween! He wanted to be photographed with every pumpkin model in there - or so it seemed!

He loved Big Thunder Mountain - as did the girls - but he didn't want to be photographed on it in case he blew away. If you look carefully you can see the train on the 'mountain' behind. Teddy also came on some scarier rides with Matt and I but didn't like them and he stayed in the backpack for those ones :)
Teddy will be jetting off to Australia soon so keep an eye out as he may be popping up on a blog near you!

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CurlyPops said...

Yah! Travelling Teddy arrived in Australia today.