Saturday, 21 January 2012

My next big project!

About a year ago I blogged about the camp blanket that my mum gave to me so I could cut the badges off to use on my own blanket for the sofa. Well I have finally 'found' a blanket that will be perfect for it. I say found in inverted commas because the perfect blue blanket was in my stash all along and I didn't realise! Oooops! Maybe a case of too much fabric?

The patches are a mixture of some that belonged to my mum (and my sister as she gave me her camp blanket too - nice sister!) and some that we have collected since then. It's surprisingly tricky to find sew on fabric patches when you visit somewhere new!

Although judging by the pile I have, I'm not doing too badly!

The blanket will be backed with something (I'm not sure what yet though) and the amount of patches to be sewn on will keep me busy for a wee while!

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

it can be really hard finding sew on patches, i had to hunt high and low for some when we went up to loch ness