Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Place and Yours - Green

Yay - Vic has brought her meme back and as I like a bit of green I'm joining in!

This quilt top was out yesterday as a picnic rug for the girls and their friend who came home with us after ballet.

My nasty dining room carpet - it was put in by the previous owners and will hopefully be going this year :)

It must be a sign - the top of the newspaper showing off a booklet about how to make the most of your time. Do you think I will make time to actually read it??

The mint green roof of the girls toy house.

The view from our bedroom window - even in winter it's fairly green. It must be all the rain! I'll try and remember to take a photo in the summer - gorgeous with the trees full of leaves :)

A money plant in our bedroom - I'm glad it's green as there is an old wives tale that if a money plant survives and thrives then your home will never be short of money :)

And Andy Android - a present for Matt at Christmas from the girls. Seems he likes relaxing on the cheat quilt which is currently on our bed!

To join in with the green theme head over to Punky and Me.


Vic said...

Naaaw... I love Andy Android! SO. CUTE.

Thanks for playing along this week!

dropstitch said...

That cheat's quilt is ingenious!

Rebecca said...

Can I just say.... that quilt is GORGEOUS! x

Utterly Unique by Karen Kaye said...

fab "picnic rug" and fantastic view

Jackie Proctor said...

Gorgeous green quilt top and love the view from your window.

jennie said...

That quilt is sooo gorgeous -
loving all those greens!

Wombat's Picnic said...

Wishing I could have a picnic on that quilt its gorgeous:) Cyndy

louisa @ TheReallyGoodLife said...

I was going to do my own version of this but I think it would just be a copy of yours - from the inherited-but-soon-to-go carpet, to the Guardian masthead (which I've also not had a chance to read yet), the green outside the window (even in winter) and the money tree.

I just wish I had a fab green quilt top too - so many colours and patterns!

Hazel's Crochet said...

I like Andy Android, he is very cute!!! You have lots of green things :)

H said...

I'm in love with that quilt!