Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oooooh shiny toy things without the shiny toys!

I like Instagram photos - they look fab and very retro which is my kind of thing but I don't have an iphone, fondle slab or even anything that takes photos without actually being a camera (I'm a philistine like that!) However, after an early morning Facebook chat with Vic from Punky and Me I researched How to get an Instagram effect without an iphone and I got quite a few results :) The one I like the look of most is Pixlr-O-Matic. This is what I did in two minutes this morning (and bear in mind it's early so I'm slightly sleepy and therefore it must be easy!)

The original school photo of the girls.

And the manipulated.

Quite cool eh? And it was very simple to do and there are lots of options to choose from. I think I'm going to be a fan of this!

Matt has an Android phone and got some rather cool effects from Lightbox. And exciting news for us philistines - there is an online version so you don't need fancy phones!

Expect to see lots of super shiny edited photographs from me from now on :)


Bigbluebed said...

Thank you. I too do not have an I phone so will definately be checking this out.

Vic said...

Oooh la la! That looks fantastic!

Vicki said...

Oooh this is really interesting, thank you for sharing :)

strangelord said...

Just tried it. Hours of fun! And appearing on my collages very shortly I reckon!

pop-i-cok said...

love it! top tip, ta xx

Tip Top said...

OOOhhhh! I'm a philistine too (and a lazy one at that!)