Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fixing my cowichan :)

I bought a lovely thick cardigan* in the charity shop a couple of years ago for about £5 (I think) Earlier this year I was reading a vintage blog (can't remember which one) and she was raving about cowichans and how hard they are to find and when you do, how expensive they are. I'm not sure if mine is a genuine cowichan sweater but it looks like one :)

Anyhow, my cardigan has a hole in the lining so I have written tomorrow's Cuteable post already and I am going to sew this baby up tonight whilst re-watching ER.

The exciting life I lead hey? I may even make up some more teeny tiny envelopes if I have extra time:)

*And yes, I do wear it despite the odd looks it gets. But hey I got odd looks today for daring to wear a blue spotty dress with red striped shoes and a flowery cardigan!

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