Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More auction finds

So as well as the wardrobe from yesterday we found some other things at the auction. At the end of our bed there was a bedding chest that held Matt's jumpers but it was really too small (he has lots of nice thick jumpers!) and it opened from the top meaning that all the crap that gets piled up on top of it falls off when he needs a jumper! Enter a new piece of furniture bought from the auction.

This piece is actually a cut down set of Victorian mahogany drawers but it is perfect for the space - Matt's jumpers now all fit in one of the drawers and he is going to use the other one for his ever growing pile of t-shirts!

And this is the lining paper - it's well glued in so we are leaving it :) And the bedding box has been moved to another part of our bedroom and will eventually hold my tights/leggings/stuff!

We also got a painting at the auction - for me it was love at first sight and while Matt had to be persuaded, I think he now loves her! Meet Emily-Rose - the girls named her!

She won't be staying at that height but I haven't sorted out where the picture framing stuff is in the cellar yet so she will stay there until I sort out her hanging bits on the back!

And this is taken from the doorway to give you an idea of quite how big this painting is!

She was a bargain at £24 + commission and was the most expensive thing we bought :) Yay for bargains!

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