Friday, 16 November 2012

Damn captcha!

I'm having to turn the captcha comments back on for this blog as I was being bombarded with spam comments and even though I have to moderate comments, some of them were sneaking onto posts and I have no idea why! So apologies for that if you find them tricky but for the sake of my sanity, I had to do it. It will hopefully mean I have more time to blog :)

Look at my tidy spool rack :) It's a lot fuller than that now thanks to my trusty sidewinder bobbin winder!

Look - tidy drawers :) The small ones at the top are for bits of paper that have been cut out to be stickers but that are waiting to go through the sticker machine and the bottom drawers are for half finished gift tags and mini envelopes. Now that I have somewhere permanent to put them, it might stop them spreading round the house and living on trays and in boxes!

And see I was clever to show you the tidy bits before I showed you the mess. Feel free to ignore the two pictures below!

I am continuing to tidy the studio today so hopefully next week I will have tidy pictures to show you!


Polkadotii Designs said...

Lovely and tidy. I'm very impressed! :o) The thread rack makes the desk look very organised. Best wishes, Kim

Alicia Price said...

I am loving your blog, just stumbled accross it. Loads fo sweet and fun art work to feat my eyes on!

Its a shame bloggers spam filter have been letting you down because CAPTCHA is a bit pain in the a! I am using CAPTCHA bypass software called RUMOLA at the moment which fills them in for me! Its developed for the blind but I am so bad at reading CAPTCHAs I decided to give it a go too!

Do you have the option of changing your CAPTCHA on blogger? The play thru ones ar great :D