Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My kind of post!

It's not very exciting to most people but it is to me!

Some more Swirlyarts labels for my chickens and some new business cards :) The cards don't look very  'Swirlyfied' at the moment but they will do soon. And the best bit? The cards are printed on recycled card so my eco credentials go up (quite important when that is one of the main strands and ethos of your business!)

The only downside is that the punches I use to give the swirl effect are no longer manufactured and the alternatives out there aren't quite right (too angular etc)

So I am using a punch I already have to make circles. They don't look great at the moment but once I can get to my fabric scraps and sew some up then I will have another look. It means that you will be able to see more of the fabric which is nice but I loose the swirl from Swirlyarts which people like when they get it (like they are in on the joke)

I have some of my older business cards to use up and I'm hoping they will last me until Christmas but if not then circles it is!

P.S. The labels are from JJ Cash and the cards are from Vistaprint :)

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Vintage from the Village said...

Hey just spotted one of your chickens in Pretty Nostalgic magazine !
Sue x