Thursday, 29 November 2012

Story Sacks

Up until now, the teachers at the girls school have had an inkling that I run my own business but hadn't really been aware of what I did. Now I've volunteered to make story sacks* for Nursery and Reception, I think they may have guessed!

Here are the first two ready to go and be inspected (for size mainly!) and then next week I can make the other 18 they need!

Joining in with My Creative Space today.

*Story sacks are a cool addition to any classroom (ex teacher voice here!) They contain a story book, lets say Goldilocks and The Three Bears, and props to help the children act out the story like three bowls and spoons, a recipe for porridge, puppets of the characters etc. I *heart* story sacks!

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Tip Top said...

Great idea!! Will you have to replenish used fabric??!!