Thursday, 20 December 2012

Chocolates through the post!

Two posts in one day but hey - it's worth it. Look what just came through the post!

Yummy chocolates :) And they came free* from First Direct! I guess for being a nice customer :) They sent us a letter a few days ago to explain something and in it was a note saying to expect something through the post from them. Well this is it! How nice :) Thanks First Direct! As a business owner myself (nowhere near the same scale at all!) I know how nice it is to send customers things when they are not expecting it and now I have had that feeling myself!

Just had a thought - my MIL and SIL also bank with First Direct but they are diabetic so I really should rescue their chocolates from them too shouldn't I? P and N, I'm just thinking of your health :)

*Matt thinks that we were sent them as we have a fixed mortgage rate and fixed it a good few years ago so are paying more. I choose to believe that they are nice!

Disclaimer - I don't work for First Direct but am a happy customer - and who wouldn't be when they send you nice chocolates through the post!

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Tip Top said...

We are very good customers of FD and didn't get anything - pah!!!