Friday, 14 December 2012

Make your own button wreath

Now this isn't a tutorial as it's fairly simple to do but I will give you the benefit of what I have learnt making one!

This is what we are making - a button wreath. It's basically a Styrofoam ring and I covered mine in some grey velvet ribbon to hide the whiteness. I used simple flat pins to pin the ribbon to the styrofoam so if I get bored of my button wreath, I can undo the ribbon and use it for something else!

This is it halfway through - you can see why I needed the grey ribbon as the buttons (try as you might!) don't fit together easily and there will be small gaps. I wanted something that would blend in to the background but of course you could exploit the background and allow more to show through.

You will of course need buttons and because I have so, so many, I wanted to place them closely together but if you have less buttons then spaced out would be fab too* I used pins with balls on the end to add the buttons to the wreath. You can glue gun the buttons on but I wanted the option of being able to reuse them if I ever got bored with the wreath. I used one pin per button apart from on a couple of antique buttons where I used two - better safe than sorry! One thing I will point out is that you will need a lot of pins :) I bought 160 cream ended pins and used them all up with about 2 inches of wreath still to cover! Luckily I had some spare coloured ones that worked well too.

*oooooh - spaced out buttons with mini pom poms in the middle :) *runs off to buy another wreath shape*

I don't like traditional Christmas greenery wreaths as they remind me of cemeteries (my mum always puts them on family graves at Christmas) so they are out but hit me with any good alternative wreaths you have seen. Or if you have made one of your own then let me see it!


veronica said...

Really cheerful and, if you have loads of buttons, quite cheap. Added bonus - you can use all the buttons again

dropstitch said...

Behold! Here is my pom pom wreath -

I actually have this hanging on my front door this year since I don't have time to make my traditional gumdrop wreath -

I think your buttons win the wreath-off though :)

VintageVicki said...

I am rather taken with that - if I can find a foam ring I shall be making one - even if it ends up being for 2013!!

Natalie said...

That's fab! Love it :)

Louisa Parry said...

Love it! I really like that it's festive without being super-Christmassy so you could use it throughout the year and really easy to modify/reuse if you fancy a change. I'm with VintageVicki - if I can find a foam ring, I'm going to make one too!


Tip Top said...