Thursday, 20 December 2012

Pinterest love

I avoided Pinterest for ages because I knew I would be sucked in and it would be a big time waster. Well it is and it isn't but I'm trying to class it as work so I don't feel quite so guilty when I do go on there! When I started out I made some very general boards and just pinned to them. One tip is to make your boards as specific as possible from the start because you don't want to spend an evening going through all your pins and making much more specific boards like I did last night! Ahem!

For example I had a board called 'dream homes and interiors' for all housey type things. It got full up pretty quickly! So last night I went through it all and separated it into 'furniture', 'cushions, carpets, curtains and floors' (which can be separated again if I need to!) and 'laundry/utility room'.  I have scope to go through again and add more categories like living space, bedrooms etc as I need to! So start with very specific boards!

I have eclectic tastes so it's great to have a central place to gather images together that inspire me so I can see if there are common themes. Bright colours and the slightly odd feature heavily!

Also recycled/upcycled items feature heavily, as well as vintage!

Sometimes I feel a bit like a stalker though as I find an item I like and then go to that persons board and pin like mad from the same person as they have similar tastes to me! People do it to me though too so I don't feel quite as strange.

All of the pictures above have been taken from my furniture board.

Do you like Pinterest? Do you class it as research and therefore work? Do share your Pinterest boards as I'm always looking for new inspiration!


Anna said...

My pinterest boards are here: I don't tend to spend ages on pinterest though, I mainly use it to pin things that I like from blogs and other places.

Talulahblue Accessories. said...

I really enjoyed your post and I think we have similar taste in interior design, shabby chic but not too froufrou! Your pinterest boards are very inspiring, will take some ideas from those interiors photos x Sue x

sister outlaws said...

I'm avoiding pinterest because of the time factor too - although I know the lure will get me in the end. I love your furniture pins!

Chantal Loves Vintage said...

I am in love with that top chair!