Friday, 26 April 2013

Harry Dog

So, we have a dog :) If you follow me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter you will have guessed this already but if not, we have a dog! He is a chihuahua and is called Harry - not named by us but his previous owners who named him after Prince Harry as he is a fawn (ginger) colour.

He likes sitting on the top of the sofa if he can't get onto your lap and I swear he is more cat like than dog like :)

He also loves piles of washing and doesn't mind if it's clean or dirty! His favourite thing to do (apart from roll around in washing) is to roll around on our bed - oh and also sleep on it too!

He is a helpful office dog - keeping my sewing chair warm and helping type emails. He also wanted to help screw the doors back onto my cupboard for BCTF ;)

He LOVES snuggles and being close to us and didn't mind his first bath. He'd rolled in bird poo (something else we have discovered he likes!) so we had to give him a bath but luckily he didn't mind it - doesn't like the hair-dryer though!

He is adored by the girls and they love helping out and walking him. I think they also like him as it means we go to the park more often and they get to play on the playground!

We bought him from a couple who live a few towns from us and we weren't told the truth by them about him. It doesn't make any difference to us but it would have been nice not to be lied to! We have also never owned a pet let alone a dog so we didn't know the type of questions to ask - we were naive perhaps but....

We were told he was 3 or 4 when he is more like 6 (it's very difficult to tell the age of a dog once they are no longer puppies but that's what the vet estimates), we were told he was micro chipped (he wasn't but is now) and we were also told that he was fully vaccinated but they couldn't provide any proof and didn't respond to emails when we asked which vet they had used. He also has quite a bit of tooth decay (common in chihuahuas) that he will need to have looked at and the teeth possibly removed. We think he was looked after but not looked after well and as the couple claimed he had fathered 41 puppies, we think he may have been just used as a stud dog. He is very timid around people he doesn't know and he is very scared of other dogs. The fear of other dogs/things larger than them is common in chihuahuas as they are the smallest breed of dog and therefore very aware of their frailty due to size. He has got better and I think walking him up to school where he gets lots of attention has helped - the noise and scurrying of many children seems to help! We are also going to get him some training to help with the timidness and also to get him to come when we call as he can't be let off the lead.

So, in conclusion, we are very glad that he has come to live with us and he is a very much loved dog :)


Glassprimitif said...

He is very lucky to have you as his family. He looks very sweet :)

WendyCarole said...

He is very cute :)

Riverfinch Hall said...

He's adorable ! He's really lucky to end up with your family, sounds like he's probably not had it too good until now !
I have 2 dogs and really couldn't live without them !

gemmipop said...

He's the cutest!!