Sunday, 21 April 2013

The best kind of bargain!

We went to out first car boot of the season this morning (in a town we'd never been to before) as I wanted to find some things I can use as planters for my veggie garden. I'm not planting many things in the ground this year as our front garden may need to be dug up to have work done on the cellar so I'm sticking to pots and planters.

Here's Harry Dog* checking out the new planters - some were grabbed in Homebase (the 2 newer looking troughs and the 3 black hexagonal ones at the back) The two galvanised mop buckets were £2 each at the car boot (I'm thinking beans or tomatoes with canes in those or maybe beetroot) The two trough ones nearest Harry's head were free from the car boot! Its one of those car boots where the sellers leave massive piles of the stuff they don't want to take home with them and these were quickly grabbed by me! Anya and I also grabbed two planters from someone's skip this morning but don't tell anyone :)

It always annoys me when traders leave big piles of rubbish around after a car boot sale but today I was pleased as along with the planters we also grabbed a wooden pirate ship for the girls to play with :)

As you can see it's quite a hefty ship! There are a couple of bits missing but most of it is there :) Not bad for free eh?

*I've not really told you much about Harry Dog but I'm sure I will soon :)

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Daisie said...

Cool ship!! You must tell me the location of this car boot ;)