Monday, 29 April 2013

Returning to normal or as normal as I get!

So I had elective surgery on Friday afternoon to ensure that no more Swirly babies arrive! I had it through keyhole surgery and what a wonderful thing it is - they went through my belly button and a small hole in my bikini line and that's it! Yes it is painful but nothing that was too bad although getting rid of the air that they pump into your stomach to ensure they can see wasn't fun!! I'm now back to about 85% of feeling like me and getting better every hour. Orders may take a while to get out but they are coming, I promise!

Now to the TMI bit - don't read on if you get squeamish :)

I was meant to be a day case and should have been back out by Friday evening but once they were inside they discovered that my right fallopian tube was 3 times the length it should be and was fused to my bowel (it was described to me as being like when cling film sticks to itself) So they were separated and my surgeon noticed that she couldn't see the open end of the right fallopian tube that the egg releases itself towards. In all probability, this tube has never worked but she still clipped it just in case! She also trimmed away the excess tube as she didn't want it to become wrapped around my bowel which would not be good!! I also had a reaction to the anaesthetic and slept/felt dizzy and sick for most of Friday although I managed to send a garbled text to Matt saying that I had to stay in!

I also have to say that the NHS staff in Burnley hospital are wonderful (except one rude auxiliary nurse) and I wouldn't hesitate to use the NHS again :)


dropstitch said...

Get well soon! You really can't beat the NHS, can you? And I, for one, enjoyed the gory details ;)

Tip Top said...

Eeekkkk!!! I don't think I'll be doing that - I'm a wimp taking plasters off!!!

WendyCarole said...

Get well soon.

We have only good things to say about the NHS. John got carted off in an ambulance from work the other week and although there was a bit of a wait. couldn't fault the treatment. He is now waitng for a gall bladder op.

Triza said...

get well soon